Sunday, December 5, 2010

You know it's Christmas when.....

You try to take a family picture for Christmas cards & your kid has another idea.

You're going to Christmas Parites.
We had lots of fun with my work party, Chase's work party,
Premier Pediatrics party & the ward party.
Sorry Andrea we didn't make it to your sweater party!

When Chase puts on the popular "beenie" that he wears every year while he decorates the house with lights.

When you have extra hands to help decorate the tree.......
Surprisingly enough Chloe did really well.
She just wanted to play with the paper that the ornaments were wrapped in.
The Christmas Tree is Finally Decorated... not sure for how long:) Chloe has done well with the tree, I wired all the ornaments on & I think all she cares about is the cord to the wall.

Santa comes to town to visit & take pictures!!

The yums yums are made, the apples & pretzels are dipped in caramel & chocolate & delivered to the neighbors & friends. Most of the shopping is done. Hopefully we'll go to the nativity in St. George next week. Watched some Christmas movies & can't wait to watch more.

Our family is so excited for the holidays!! We're especially excited for Chloe & this being her first Christmas. It's been so fun to buy her gifts... I can hardly wait for her open them!!