Sunday, October 31, 2010



The guys went hunting so we went up north & had a girls weekend of our own! It rained a ton but that didn't stop us from going & seeing all the fun witches at Gardners Village.

Me & some of my nieces

Cute little Chloe


Making caramel apples with Katie & Cherie

Cherie is the pro at making apples & was super nice to give us a lesson :)

Go Katie!



What a fun night of Bunko @ Katie's house. Loved all the costumes!! Katie made the cutes Flo from the Progressive Insurance comercial :) I still can't get over Taryn's costume, I almost didn't recognize her with the wig. Then there's Vannessa made the prettiest clown I have ever seen. Love you girls!!!

Yes, I was a witch if you can't tell.



What a crazy month with all of these fun activities. Usually all these social events space themselves nicely throughout the month. But these last two weeks were pretty busy! I just recently joined another bunko group & here was some of the great costumes.

If you can't tell what I am.... I am purple grapes. Thanks Britt for the idea. Playing bunko with those balloons was a little challenging. I had to lean to one side to see what was going on! Natalie had the best costume by far. She made her pregnant belly look like a real eye ball. Way to Go Nat... it was awesome!!



My cute mom & I made a ton of caramel apple. We're trying to master the perfect caramel apple... let you know when it happens:)

The toppings we experiemented with were: Cinnamon & sugar, Skor Bar, Snickers, Pecans & Mini M & M's. Next time we're for sure trying butterfinger. Any other suggestions?

Meg & I had this impression we needed to dress up with our little girls like an hour before.... I think we did pretty darn good for what we came up with. Thanks Chris for the outfit. I can honestly say that I have NEVER gotten this dressed up for Halloween. Man, the things you'll do for your kids. Some people really didn't recognize me.

The crazy clown & the adorable lady bug!

Cute little Sienna was the princess from The Princess & the Frog. Here are the girls giving Great Grandpa Bill loves on Halloween night!

Probably my favorite picture of Chloe the whole night. She wouldn't hold still long enough to get a decent one until Aunt Joyce gave her a Capri Sun. She just sucked on the wrapper. It was our last stop for the night. She did such a good job. We made it to all of the family members that we wanted. This picture just shows truly how precious she is.... I love you Chloe!

Kind of a random picture... but on Sunday we all dressed in black & didn't notice it until we got to Chase's house. I guess black was the appropriate color for Halloween Day!


Pumpkin Patch

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a little delayed.. but we finally made it! This is definitely a family tradition for as long as we live in Cedar. We had never been to Paragonah until then. Cute little town.


Alan and Mindee said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun and busy Halloween. It was fun visiting with you guys and seeing you all dressed up. Chloe was such a cutie in her lady bug costume!

Tricia said...

That all looks like so much fun! You girls are too cute! I love the costumes too! And... now I want a carmel apple. Lol those look AMAZING!!

The Andersens said...

Chloe was such a cute little lady bug! I wish we would have seen her! Love all the pictures...