Sunday, September 19, 2010


Every year in the month of September, Cedar City has Sky Fest Weekend. I have always loved this time since we moved here. Driving to work has always been fun with seeing all of the fun Air Balloons in the sky..... WELL... this year I wasn't driving when I saw them but I was the ONE in the Balloon. Chase's work are one of the sponsors & it was his turn this year to go up!! We had to be there about 6:30 in the morning & they had a super yummy breakfast for us! Then we were off to HELP get the balloon ready. I didn't realize before that we would be helping.... wasn't sure if that was a good idea either ;)

I was in charge of the fan & the speed while Chase had to stand in front of it & keep a hold of it.

Once we got going up this is what the rest of the field looked like... super cool!

A little bit further.

We ended up landing in the church parking lot right next to Chase's work. It was a super soft landing especially compared to the take off. I felt like we were on our sides because of the breeze when we took off. Anyway, this is a picture of me & the pilot Jeff. Unfortunately because we had to help so much we weren't able to get any good pictures of the two of us. It was so much fun though! Thanks Chase for taking me, Love ya tons!! Thanks Staci for coming & babysitting Chloe, you're the best!!


Jeanette + Cason said...

Fun!!! I am totally jealous!

jamaud said...

So Cool! Lucky girl!