Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls Weekend in Park City
We decided that we needed some time to get away as girls & do what we're best at.... SHOPPING!! We didn't end up having a ton of time because of a wedding we had to get to, but it was tons of fun!!

We went & had some yummy dinner at Texas Road House the night before :)

Me, Meghann (No that's not Tara it's Meg with her adorable new hair do:)), Staci & THEN Tara!! Chris was taking the picture & Susan will have to catch up with us next year. She's too close to having baby Riley that she played safe & stayed home. Thanks again girls for the fun trip, it's definitely got to stay a tradition... BUT... next year we for sure need more time!!

Lisa's Wedding
(Salt Lake Country Club)
Chase's cousin, Lisa got married that afternoon so we hurried with our shopping to make it for the big event! It was a very gorgeous wedding!

The gorgeous bride, Lisa & fiance/husband Cory

The girls

The guys

The kiddos getting caught playing... you have to admit it's kind of funny. Especially with Natalie the oldest on top :)

I know this is not the best picture but our scanner isn't hooked up & I had to show you the cutest thing.... no not me & Chase :)... BUT the idea. At the wedding they had a photo booth (like you see at the malls) & they had everyone go inside & pose for pictures however you wanted. Afterwards, you then got a copy for yourself & then they posted one to the sign in book & had you sign below it. I thought that was super clever. What will they think of next?? I need my little brother to get married so that we can do the same thing :)
Chloe & Uncle Todd

Chloe doesn't see Uncle Todd very much but she sure loved hanging out with him in Delta after the wedding!!!


DENA said...

Love Love Love Meg's hair!

Chris said...

Great Pictures...I need copies of all the wedding pics. It was a great weekend and we will have to get Susan there next year and I miss Jared in the guys picture. Your blogs are great, keep up the good work.