Friday, July 30, 2010


This is her new sleeping position aka stink bug!

Chloe is really liking her solid foods.

YES.... she loves her tongue, if you can't tell already!!

Today Chloe had her 6 month well-check.
Weight- 14.10
Height- 26 3/4
HC- 43 1/2

She is still a little minnie & barely making it to the 10% on the charts.
The doctors say as long as she is on the charts & gaining weight then we're just fine. Chloe really likes books.... maybe cause they taste so good? She loves that she can sit all on her own & see more of what is going on. She is really enjoying her johnny-jump-up!! I can't believe that she's half way to her 1st birthday. She doesn't really suck on her thumb anymore. She still doesn't have any teeth or any sign of them. She loves to wave to people and also loves to swing her arms up and down. She has really started to do her baby talk this last week. Chloe loves to be around & play with other kids. She loves to be held & cuddled. It is kind of hard to get her to giggle... every time she tries she hurries and puts her fist in her mouth. She loves loves loves to smile especially with her tongue, but the giggling is coming slowly.