Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July
More Fun!!

The 4th of July was awesome this year because my sister & her family were/are here for the WHOLE month of JULY!! YAY!! So that should explain all of the fun activities/ posts coming our way...

Nothing like the 4th of July without the good old Delta parade.

Chloe 5 months 4 days old

All 11 grandkids with Grandma... L to R
Elle, Elisabeth, Chloe, Drake, Nathaniel, Kara, Clarissa, Oakley, Drew, Marinda & Addie
Yep that's right 2 boys & 9 girls... poor boys :)

My two favorite people!!

Chloe's favorite nap partner.... she loves her naps with Grandma Smith

Chloe & Drew having some well deserved tummy time.

Chloe & Sienna smiling pretty for all the cameras :)

Since my whole family was in town for the weekend (that hasn't happened in over 2 years) my mom really wanted to make it special for the grandkids. So we had a princess party/sleepover. They got matching night gowns (thanks to Randie- super cute!), they got their toes painted, fun princess accessories from Grandma & most of all "Cinderella" came & read them a night time story... the girls loved it!! Thanks grandma
Chloe & Cinderella

The 3 babies of the family
Drew, Drake & Chloe

The granddaughters

Chase also had Monday off so we decided to take the boat out to the rez!!! It was a last minute idea that was a total blast. I hurried & called my mom & she was in too!!! Chloe did really really good on the boat.. she continues to amaze me each day with how easy going she is.

My mom and I had so much fun. It's pretty sad when your mom has to convince you to go tubing. But sure enough after a lot of tubing not only were we sore the next day BUT.... my mom ended up with a black eye & I had a bruised chin.... neither one of us know how or when. I wish I had pictures to show but we couldn't stop laughing to take them:) Thanks mom for everything, that was so much fun!!


Jenn Jenn said...

What a blessed family!!!!