Friday, August 31, 2012

Heritage Museum/Story Time

My friends and I have started a new weekly thing taking our kids to the local museum.  They have story time for the kids and then an activity afterwards.  It's been lots of fun for Chloe and her friends.  This week they read a childrens book about laundry.  The activity after was obviously as you can see how they did laundry in the old days.  Chloe loved it.... but she also loves helping me with laundry in general.  

First soaping down the board with the bar of soap in her hands.
Rubbing the piece of laundry on the board that you just soaped.
Place the laundry in the new tub with clean water and "plunge" it (is what it seemed like anways:)
Take to another clean tub and push it through the ringer and then use the old clothes pins and hang it on  a string.
We missed the week before but we still got to do the activity.  
We sifted for golf!!!
Chloe, Kamree, Jeter, Macy & Kinley
All of the stories are read in the real school house they used back in the day.  This picture is in front of one of the old houses from then too.  Chloe, Kamree and Jeter.