Friday, May 25, 2012

What has Kinley been up to?......

She's almost 11 months and getting so big/smart.  

The Big News with Kinley is...... SHE'S WALKING!!!

-I can't keep up with both of my girls, they definitely have me tired by the end of the day, oh wait by 2 o'clock.  It's so hard to not snuggle up to them during nap time (okay sometimes I give in and do:))

-Kinley still takes 2 naps a day
-She's done well with whole milk
-She's a tease that's for sure.  She knows how to get anyone to giggle.
-She has mastered the "dada" and "mama"
- She has her two lower teeth and top.
-Her favorite food is.... probably Mac N' Cheese/everything
-She loves when Chloe plays with her and plays peek-a-boo
-She loves rocks... I can't keep them out of her mouth.  
(Don't worry she hasn't swallowed one yet, that I know of)
-She loves to get in my pots and pans drawer and bang them and make lots of noise.
-Kinley is more of a mama's girl.  She has become very attached since I've been home from school, which is totally okay with me.
-Kinley's eyes look like they'll be hazel.  
-She still has the olive/brown skin which we are all super jealous about and it is only getting darker with summer.

Kinley's first pigtails!!

Kinley found the cupboards and realized it's fun to go explore and hide.

We jumped the gun and got Kinley her carseat.  
She's really enjoying being forward facing.

First time down the slide by herself

She's still trying to get used to wearing shoes now that she can walk.

Kinley is the BEST eater.  She's not picky at all and I am loving it!!  
Yes, she is always smiling.... got to love it!!

When Kinley was trying to figure out the walking thing she realized that she was sick of crawling and resorted to this bear crawl.  Pretty cute if you ask me!

Maybe the reason we're going through so much chalk is because Kinley keeps getting a hold of it!!