Monday, February 14, 2011


The most recent picture I can find!!

Chase turned 28 on Saturday, February 12. With our crazy life we didn't get to do much until the night. I was at school all day while Chase was working (let tax season begin :(, but we tried to make the most of it anyway. We started the day with some yummy crepes (Chloe liked them but not as much as pancakes) & then we were off our own ways. Thanks to my mom that has been coming down to watch Chloe!! When we got home we went to dinner & had some yummy sushi & hibachi & then we were home for cake & ice cream. Like I said we didn't do a whole ton... but I wanted to tell Chaser how much I/we love him!!
He is such a fun, great, loving husband & daddy. We have so much fun as a family. We may not see him much this time of year, but we truly appreciate all of his hard work. He doesn't complain & as long as he has a Mt. Dew & Little Debbie strawberry shortcake he is the happiest EVER!! Thanks again Chaser for all that you do.... hope you had a Happy Birthday!!