Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jordan High Alumni Golf Tournament
August 7, 2010

Both of my parents (and a brother) graduated from Jordan High in Sandy. They started doing a golf tournament about 3 years ago at the River Oaks Golf Course. My mom has always done it with her classmates but this year she invited me, Chase and his brother Jake to be her teammates. We had SO much fun! The weather was so perfect. I am not always way excited about 18 holes (because it seems like forever to me) but today it just flew by. I love doing scrambles, I am a fan that's for sure!! I might now help the team out a hole lot but I love being a part of it... I especially love being with my husband & sharing one of his favorite hobbies!

This was the victory of the day... Chase chipped the ball in from about 35 yards out. WAY TO GO CHASE!!

We took 2nd in the tournament with about 18 teams.
We ended up winning a game of 18 holes at any golf course in the Salt Lake Valley. I never thought I would say this.... but I can't wait to go golfing again. I know the next tournament is on October 8.... CAN'T WAIT!!!