Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recap on the last couple of months!!

The Month of JUNE!! (my favorite month)

FIRST- Well the beginning of June is always kind of a hard time for me. This year was the 10 year anniversary since my dad passed away unexpectedly.
I saw on my friends blog how her brother passed away and she dedicated that day/post to him & that is what I'd like to do.
It's amazing how it just seems like yesterday, it's just so surreal still. It was the hardest day of mine and my family's life. Things are easier when you focus on the memories and that's what keeps us all going. My dad was a quiet but well-known & friendly man. You never wanted to make him mad, because of the feeling of his disappointment. He was well-known for his kind & serving heart to all those around him, but to us we remember his hands, smile & love! I am so happy that Chase was able to get to know him when we were in high school so he has some type of memories too!
My testimony for the gospel & Plan of Salvation has grown so much since this day and I am so truly grateful that I KNOW I will see him again! I love and miss you so much dad!!

SECOND- We Put in our front yard!!! I never realized how exciting that would be and the difference it would make!! We haven't got around to doing trees and plants but that is definitely on the agenda. The plan is to plant trees this month? I am just happy to have sprinkling, rock, curbing & sod!!

Here is the before (w/ curbing)

And the After

So that's our wonderful yard. We have lots of plans once we get going with plants, flowers & trees!

THIRD- The real reason why I love the month of June is because it is my BIRTHDAY!! On the 14th of June I turned 26, that's right the BIG 26!! My birthday was on a Sunday this year so that makes it a little harder to celebrate but my family, friends & hubby still did a good job!! I was surprised with a Garmin watch that I have been wanting to track my runs and all that cool stuff, THANKS CHASE, I LOVE YOU!!


Karolina said...

Vilket fint hus och och vilken fin tomt! Och grattis pÄ födelsedagen i efterskott!


Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The yard looks so nice. It makes such a difference, huh? Hope things are going good!!!:)