Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey everyone- Yes, I have a pretty awesome husband. It's not very often that you see someone's blog with their husbands post. Well it probably won't happen again for a while. Like he said he is getting super busy with the tax season. Got to love this time of year, especially when your husband is an accountant. It's almost 8:00 and he's still not home and it's not even March!! So keeping that in mind let's all hope that I can use my time wisely and 1- keep my blog updated, 2- go to the gym at least everyday for at least 2 hours & 3- possibly get some scrapbooking and cards done.

Well, here are some of the pictures from the last little bit!!

My ipod died before Christmas so Chase got me this cute little pink one for when I go to the gym & running. I absolutely love it!!

Chase & I got matching North Face coats and he was super happy!!

This is Christmas Day at Chase's house in Delta!!

Christmas with all of the girls!!

As Chase mentioned after Christmas we left for Texas to go and see my sisters family. She just had a baby that was still in the hospital so we went to go visit, help them move in and mostly to play with these 3 DARLING LITTLE GIRLS!!

While it was freezing cold & snowing back home in Utah we were enjoying the 80 degree weather in Texas playing with the girls!

Chase and little Miss Merinda!!

Clarissa, mom & Elisabeth at
Mom's b-day dinner in Texas!

Elisabeth & DeAnna

As soon as we got home we went to Brianhead for date night and went night tubing!! Here is Chase with his famous winter beanie!!

This is the only picture we got of me... as you can see I am going down the hill backwards. I struggle doing things the easy way!!

Well, these are just some of my most favorite Young Women. We had a big birthday party for one of their Tuesday night activities. Sad to say our ward just split and I have been released from this amazing calling. I just love these girls!!

Chaser just recently turned the big 26!! I tried my hardest to spoil him all day!! I think he had a good day? We had a really yummy dinner and met all of our friends for ice cream!!

For Valentines we spent the weekend up north with family and going to State Wrestles in Orem. Here is Chase with another one of our adorable neices, Sienna!!

We then made our way to Delta for the evening and went bowling with my mom & little brother!!

Last week I spent it up north going to a Dental Convention with Vannessa & Jeanette (girls that I work with). We had a ton of fun! Besides the classes all we did was eat, laugh & shop.... that's my kind of weekend. Too bad my camera died after this first picture was taken. I will hopefully be getting some more, so stay tuned for more!!

On the way home from the dental convention I met Chase in Delta so that I could run a 10k with my brother Jeremy and his wife Cortney. This is becoming quite the tradition. It wasn't as cold as last year and that's all that mattered to me! It was an awesome run and got me excited for this years races to come. I am excited for the next one... It's a triathlon, first one of the year!!


jamaud said...

Wow, you've been busy. I love the pictures! Thanks again for all of your help-you're both awesome!!! Love you bunches!

Natster said...

Dee! You guys did have so much fun! Wow- how I miss the Dental Convention! :) ha ha - I just miss the shopping at the Gateway. :)
And we are now I-Pod twinners. :) Gotta love pink right?

JadeandKaylynn said...

Just wanted you to know I do look at your blog. Gotta keep up with you some how. Love you.

Heather Strong said...

I love your brown hair! Such a pretty color!

tHe MiLLeRs said...

ugh I can't wait until pictures of me don't include BRACES! ;) But the convention was a blast! Shop, eat, & laugh pretty much sums it up!