Monday, October 6, 2008

Work party!

Those of you that don't know my boss or the girls I work with are totally missing out. I work for Dr. White and some awesome girls. Dr. White totally spoils us and our families. Not only did he take us on a cruise and sponsor our softball team but he is constantly having get-togethers for the staff. For a little fall fun we got together at his cabin in BrianHead. We had some yummy food and road 4-wheelers. Thanks Dr. White and Kris!

Some pictures of my way close friends: Katie with her son, Breccen, Julie and her husband Craig and her brother Cody. Last but not least Vannessa with her hubby Casey.


Natster said...

how awesome!!! Sounds like the crew is doing well! You look so cute with braces! :)

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

I totally miss you guys... =(