Friday, July 13, 2012

Lots of FUN, Random & Priceless pictures!!!

 Don't know about you but our summer has been full of............

 lots of popsicles
 outdoor fun
 indoor fun (I found Kinley trying to fit in a container)
 Playing and having bath time with cousins.
 Taking the Jeep for a spin.... Don't worry Chloe makes sure you get buckled in:)
 Taking the car for drive.
 Can you tell my girls like cars?  We don't miss one wherever we might go.
 Sick Days... Chloe got the 24 hour bug and it was such a sad miserable day:(
 Lots and lots of snow-cones!!  The only place to get them is the Tikki Shak in Cedar.
 Lots and LOTS of swinging!!
 Lots of picnics and wrestling
 Lots of Fireworks
 Lots of Fashion Shows trying on clothes
 Some of the clothes may be old, new, too small or too big.... but it's lots of fun either way!!
 First face painting!!
 Our cute little butterfly princess!
 Lots of jumping and playing at the park
 Lots of new teeth (you can kind of see them) and lots of giggles!!
 Lots of smiles and learning to walk.
 More swinging!!
 Trying new hairstyles!
 Continuing to try for a cute "sister" picture but continue to fail.
 Still teething
 You can barely tell but Kinley got herself high-centered on this drawer... she was stuck and pretty frustrated.
 AND MORE swinging!!
 Water fun outside
 Kinley starts by smiling and being a good sport.........
 She soon realizes she's not so sure about this............
 She realizes she's ready for this to be over..............
 She can't wait anymore so she gets down in this position (she's been doing it a lot lately) when she's throwing a fit or just sad:(  Good job though Kinley.... "A" for effort.
 Lots of water fights with dad
 Playing with Drew at grandma's riding their horses
 More fun at Delta's new Splash Pad.  Chloe couldn't decide what was more fun to run through the water or try on all the random pair of shoes that were sitting there.  This girl is seriously OBSESSED with shoes.  If you come to our house expect to loose your shoes to this girl.  I have to admit though she has good taste!!:)
 Kinley was a lot braver than Chloe.
 Kinley decided that this is her type of water toy.... she could do it ALL day long with or without clothes.
 Chloe loves to be the first to see Kinley after she wakes up in the morning.  Kinley loves it they just jump in her crib and giggle.
 We did family pictures this week and Chloe was so willing to give me a test run for her individuals... I haven't seen them yet so I hope that she was as smiley as she is here??
 Kinley has got to be the funniest little girl.  She loves to play in these cupboards and move the pans around.  But when I looked over and realized she had completely put herself in I just started to laugh.  
 Soon after that she realized this isn't fun anymore because I think I am stuck....
 With a little bit of moms help we were back to our happy self.
 Another chance at a "sisters" picture that failed:( Kinley was kind of holding still, but then Chloe isn't looking.....
 so Chloe tries to help her hold still by grabbing her by the hair....
 Kinley doesn't like that so she retaliates and pushes Chloe back....
Chloe goes for another hold and doesn't let go.

Needless to say NO we still didn't get any decent pictures so that is why I am really hoping that our family pictures turned out better than these.  
You have to admit though, these pictures are pretty dang funny.  This is our life, constantly trying for the picture perfect moment and realizing that we just need to take them as they come because that's how we know it & LOVE IT!!
I have a lot of people ask me how it's been having two so close together.  At first it was a piece of cake (when Kinley couldn't move) now it's crazy/fun because she can.  These two are TOTAL OPPOSITES but the best of friends, I truly do love it!!! I am so grateful that they'll have each other when they get older.