Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St. George TriAthlon

St. George Triathlon

After our 2nd tri... the ShacTri (April 19, 2008)we decided that we would try a little bigger one. Chase's little sister Tara did that one with us... but we couldn't convince her to do the next one. On May 10, 2008 Chase and I did our 3rd tri at Sand Hallow . It was the biggest one that we have ever done. My brother Jeremy and cousin Tyler did it too. The weather was so bad that after they did a couple of heats they wouldn't let mine or Chase's group go. Instead they cancelled the rest of the swim because two many people came in on the rescue boat. I am not going to lie but I was so relieved because that is my least favorite part.. I hate swimming even though I know it is good for you! So they started our race from the end of the swim so that we could run to our bikes and have that transition. Chase's heat started about 20 minutes before mine but after we passed each other on the bike he decided to wait for me so we could finish together. That was probably the best thing about the whole race. We FINISHED TOGETHER.. the run and all!! Now, that is something that I will never forget. These are the kind of moments that you charish and will never forget!!